June’s Digital Story from Clydach

This digital story was made by cadet Morgan Watkins, Clydach Division.

Morgan interviewed her Great Grandmother, June Facey, about her time in St John whilst growing up in South Africa. View transcript

June completed her St John First Aid training in 1940 at the Queenstown Section of the Cape Town branch of St John.

She was 19 years old at the time, and hadn’t yet married Morgan’s Great Grandfather so her surname was Turner. June’s father was also a Captain of St John around this time.

She married Morgan’s Great Grandfather when she was around 22 years old, whilst he was serving with the RAF out in South Africa.

June came over to Wales in 1945 by sea, which took several weeks, and moved in to Morgan’s Great Grandfather’s family home on Vardre Road in Clydach.

She continued with St John and used to regularly attend the Church Hall in Downe Street, Clydach where it was held at the time.

She is now 91 years old.

Another great story from Clydach

Tony’s digital story was made by St John Wales volunteers Ceres Tucker and Bethan Hewitt, Clydach Division. View transcript of Tony’s story

In 1941, aged 15, Tony enlisted in the RAF Cadets in Swansea. He went 2 nights a week until he was 16, when he became an Air Raid messenger in 1942. After recovering from his accident, Tony worked as an Air Raid messenger for over 2 years before going into air crew training with the RAF when he was 18 ½ . In 1945 after his training, he went to India to fight against Japan and was in different stations in Japan and the Himalayas throughout his time there. Whilst in India, Tony served as a Cypher Sergeant and remained in India with the RAF until 1947.

New Digital Story from Clydach

Anne’s digital story was made by Beth and Kate Abbott, Clydach Division as part of the St John Wales Caring Connections project. Anne, 98 was a member of St John Ambulance in Ebbw Vale during the 2nd World War.  View transcript of Anne’s story

Beth and Kate thoroughly enjoyed their experience of making the story with Anne.

“The digital story my sister and I did was for a ninty-eight year old lady called Anne who was in St John in Ebbw Vale during the war. After the war she was a cadet leader running meetings for eleven cadets. During the interview Anne told me how much she thoroughly enjoyed St John and how much she loved the cadets she cared for. She told of her role she played during the war in the hospitals and around the area, particularly in the evening. She moved to South Wales when she got married and went into adult nursing. But, don’t let me tell you, listen for yourself…”

Beth and Kate Abbott – Clydach Division

Clydach Digital Stories

St John members in Clydach have made some excellent digital stories featuring older members from their community.  You can view a selection of the videos below.

Digital story featuring Hilary Stranagham (née Canton) made by St John member Mathew Thomas from Clydach division as part of the Caring Connections project.  View transcript.

Digital story created by St John members Kirsty Jones and Rebecca Marie Tyrell of Clydach Division. Mr Knight, 93 was a former member of St John. He was a young cadet when war broke out in 1939.  View transcript.

Digital story made as part of the Caring Connections project at St John Wales. Rebecca and Kirsty interviewed Mrs Evans from Park View House, Clydach.  View transcript.

This story was also made by Kirsty Jones and Rebecca Marie Tyrell of Clydach Division. The story includes Mrs Evans (featured in previous story) and her friend.  View transcript

Pembroke Dock

Here are a few stories made by the young people in Pembroke Dock during their digital storytelling training that took place in November 2011.

A story made as part of the St John Pembroke Dock workshop by Jason Venables John

Digital story made by Huw Silcox

Digital story made by John Morris

Digital story made by Jade Kingdom

Clydach DS Training

These are some of the digital stories created by the St John volunteers during their 2 day training session with outreach workers from the University of Glamorgan.

Digital story by Mathew Thomas

Digital story by Beth Abbott

Digital story by Tara Smith

Digital story by Rebecca Marie Tyrrell

Digital story by Kirsty Jones

Digital story by Daniah Thomas

Digital story by Sean Howell