June’s Digital Story from Clydach

This digital story was made by cadet Morgan Watkins, Clydach Division.

Morgan interviewed her Great Grandmother, June Facey, about her time in St John whilst growing up in South Africa. View transcript

June completed her St John First Aid training in 1940 at the Queenstown Section of the Cape Town branch of St John.

She was 19 years old at the time, and hadn’t yet married Morgan’s Great Grandfather so her surname was Turner. June’s father was also a Captain of St John around this time.

She married Morgan’s Great Grandfather when she was around 22 years old, whilst he was serving with the RAF out in South Africa.

June came over to Wales in 1945 by sea, which took several weeks, and moved in to Morgan’s Great Grandfather’s family home on Vardre Road in Clydach.

She continued with St John and used to regularly attend the Church Hall in Downe Street, Clydach where it was held at the time.

She is now 91 years old.