Digital Stories from Llandrindod Wells

These stories have been made by our very own Youth of the Year, Andrew Brimer. They have been given by Geraint and Rosemary Hughes, who both currently live in the Llandrindod Wells area. During the War Rosemary lived in Swansea, very near the docks. Her mother was a nurse in one of the First Aid Posts in Swansea, while her father was an ARP warden. Her stories cover her experience of Air Raids and the First Aid post, where she used to help roll bandages when it wasn’t very busy. Her second story also recounts how this experience inspired her to join St. John Cadets in Swansea and how this eventually led her to pursue a career in Nursing. She still had some of her cadet certificates and part of her original uniform.

Geraint lived in both London, Llampeter and Sennybridge. His stories showcase very different aspects of the war, his flight from London with his mother and sister the day that war was declared, and then childhood memories of the “Mile End Army” , a group of children that he used to play with during the war (one of the images is from the register he took every week), including sneaking past sentry posts as spys and collecting incendiary bombs dropped in the fields by German bombers. It finishes with the somber thought, that at night they could see the red sky as Swansea burnt. Geraint is still activley involved in the Order of St. John and has been the Chaplin for Llandrindod Wells Division, as well as writing on the history of the local area.

Geraint – A Boys War
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Geraint – Getting Home
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Rosemary – The Sand Bucket
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Rosemary – St. John
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Llandrindod Wells Digital Storytelling workshop

Last weekend cadets and young adults at Llandrindod Wells division took part in a two day training workshop in digital storytelling with outreach workers Angharad and Mog from the University of Glamorgan.

Everybody taking part came away with some amazing personal stories, really powerful stuff.

The members are keen to put their new skills and knowledge into action and begin visits to several care homes in the area.


Here’s a selection of some of the stories created during their training.

“Inspiration in Memory” by Amy Louise Livingstone-Lawn.

“Lost Love” by Bernie Thomas.

“Moments” by Andrew Brimer.

“People” by James Brimer.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” by Jack Moorhouse.

Mid Wales training dates.

The digital storytelling training dates for Mid Wales have now been confirmed. The 2 day workshop will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March in Llandrindod Wells. Although the project will be based here, training and participation in the project is open to other divisions in Mid Wales so if you’re keen to take part, get in touch.